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Pulling together contractors, renderings, and specifications to coordinate a window treatment can quickly become a nightmarish hassle. Let our expertly trained team of professionals handle the gritty details to help you realize your vision for perfectly treated windows suited to your needs.

We create beautiful window treatments along with our approved contractors – saving you time, money, and costly mistakes. Call The Restoration Station and schedule a time for us to come to your home or office to provide time-saving recommendations through our Shop-at-Home service.

Window Treatment Services

  • Personalized Shop-At-Home Service
  • Uniquely handcrafted and finished drapery hardware
  • Professional soft treatment renderings
  • Quality construction details
  • Warrantied installation service
  • Extensive variety of fabric and color options
  • Shades, shutters, & blinds
window treatments

 Creating Beautiful Window Treatments

At the Restoration Station, we don’t like to make things complicated for our customers. We don’t bombard you with unlimited options, making it difficult for you to choose the best color and styled fabric for your window treatment. Our experience has allowed us to anticipate each customer’s needs as per their requirements. This way we can better offer you our advice and services.

We give you the best selection of window blinds from which to choose. Rest assured that these have been made with the best in quality materials to last you for many years to come. If you require our services, just give The Restoration Station a call and let us know what you need. Our expert craftsmen will visit you on location and have a look at your windows. We offer personalized Shop-At-Home services, as one of our staff will bring with them the fabrics from which you can choose one (or more!) that you would like for your windows treatment.

Our skilled craftsmen have years of experience and offer unique and handcrafted finishing to the window treatments. Our master tailors can add layers of texture and appeal to your home or office space. Whether you are a business owner or homeowner, you can call The Restoration Station for all your window treatment needs.

We know that over time you can get tired of looking at the same old fabric over and over. Time may come when you want a change and opt for custom-made drapery and curtains are one of the best ways you can give your home or workplace a facelift. Our professional soft treatment renderings ensure that the pattern is color coordinated, allowing for a window that will always look yours uniquely.

Because we offer nothing but the highest in quality fabrics and materials, we put great emphasis on the quality construction of whatever we build. This way our customers know that they are getting the best product for the best price from the best company and would very likely come back to us for more work and or refer The Restoration Station to their friends, family, and coworkers.

To prove our point of quality, we offer installation services with a warranty. This warranty allows us to replace any fabric that has undergone any damage or wear and tear. Apart from this we also offer services to maintain our work to ensure the longevity of our craftsmanship.

When you come to The Restoration Station, we have an extensive variety of fabrics for you to choose from. Rest assured that we will not confuse you with so many fabrics that it will become difficult for you to make a decision. If you are a homeowner, we will show you the fabrics most suited for your home and for business owners who want to choose treatments for their facilities; we will also show materials that would fit the ambiance of their establishment.

So why the wait, give us a call and we can give you a visit. This will allow us a proper look at your needs and offer you the best advice on your window treatments.  Call The Restoration Station today!

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