Amazing attention to detail…

Our seasoned craftsmen provide precision upholstery repairs to transform your furniture and save your business money. Collectively, our upholstery shop has over a century in experience in delivering quality work that fits the needs of our clients. We will work within your time constraints to repair, reupholster, or upholster new items to fit your requirements.

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Upholstery Services

  • Foam replacement
  • Cushion wrapping & restuffing
  • Spring, frame & seam repairs
  • Partial reupholstery

Our services have benefitted:

  • Hotels & Motels
  • Bank branches
  • Universities
  • Church seating
  • Movie theaters
  • Nursing homes

Need Upholstery Services for your Business, We’ve Got You Covered!

Want to change the look of your business establishment, why not start by giving your furniture a new look and feel with The Restoration Station Business Upholstery services! You don’t have to break your budget and go all out buying new furniture. With our skills and expert craftsmanship, we can give your furniture a completely new appearance. You won’t believe it’s the same furniture once we are done!

For almost 25 years we have been providing upholstery and restoration services to our clients both commercial and residential in and around the Oklahoma City area. Our attention to detail and quality customer service has earned us much respect in the upholstery industry, and we would like to continue building that legacy with our hard work and dedication to your company.

Liven Up Your Establishment

If you are looking to upholster furniture in your office, restaurant, hotel, motel, nursing home, movie theatre, church, school, university or any other institution, you need not look any further than The Restoration Station.

Even if you don’t need significant upholstery of your furnishing performed, but just a simple repair job (or even a complicated repair job!), our staff is more than capable of taking care of any broken or damaged chairs or sofas. You don’t want your clients and customers coming into your establishment only to find broken and worn out furnishing now do you?

The look and feel of your furniture can make or break your business. It is essential that you keep your furnishings in pristine condition, so your clients know that you are invested in maintaining your company’s image. This is especially true for places such as restaurants, hotels, and motels where the furniture is used on a daily basis. Regular usage can cause a lot of wear and tear, resulting in customer complaints. If not taken care of in a timely manner, you could start losing customers. It is because of this that you must ensure your furnishings are maintained to remain in excellent condition.

At The Restoration Station in Oklahoma City, we can work with all types of furniture. Whether it’s modern, classic or even vintage, our craftsmen have the experience to work with a variety of furnishings. We have a wide range of upholstery fabrics, springs, feathers and leather from which you may choose. Whatever your needs, we will ensure you can get the best of the best.

Partnering with us will allow you to change the aesthetics of your company’s interior design efficiently. With over 25 years of experience in this field, our craftsmanship, skill, and expertise are unmatched in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas. So why the wait!

If you have furniture that needs an aesthetic change or requires repair/restoration, just give The Restoration Station a call, and we’ll take care of everything! Or if you wish to have us come to your workplace, we can visit you as it will allow us to understand your requirements and serve you in the best way possible!

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